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Photography in Canada

The history of photography in Canada begins in 1839 when 2 photographic processes were successfully attempted and announced. The French photographer and artist Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre was the first to use a silver-plated copper plate to create a photographic image.

History of Photography in Canada

It was in 1839, the year when the first image was created, when the Halifax Colonial Pearl, the Toronto Patriot, and the Quebec Gazette wrote about the new invention. Canadian daguerreotypists attempted to reproduce the results but this was a difficult task because of a combination of factors – working conditions, fluctuating temperatures, bad weather, and long exposure times. Only a handful of images were created and survived. It was only in 1840 when Sadd and Hasley opened studios in Quebec and Montreal while Thomas Coffin Doane lived and worked in Montreal in the 1840s and produced successful portraits of Louis-Joseph Papineau and Lord Elgin.

Professional Associations in Canada

There are several professional associations in Canada, among which Professional Photographers of Canada, the Canadian Association for Photographic Art, and Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada. The latter welcomes photographers with an active website and 2 or more years of professional experience. There are plenty of benefits for members, among which monetary prizes at contests, better chances for professional growth, continuing learning, improved exposure and recognition, and higher website traffic. Added benefits include more business contacts and improved profitability. The Canadian Association for Photographic Art also helps members reach a larger audience and increase their business contacts. Members are free to submit their albums for inclusion to increase their exposure. There are plenty of benefits for members, one being the opportunity to join different competitions and contests and the chance to have your images exhibited and published. Additional benefits include exclusive discounts on photographic events and cruises and competitive group rates on auto and home insurance. There are other benefits for members, for example, great discounts on advanced programs and software such as Photomatix, ProShow Producer, and ProShow Gold to create superb quality images and slide shows. To join the organization, you are free to fill the membership form, online or offline, and choose from different forms of membership – family, individual 2-year membership, student, individual, international member, United States member, etc. Professional Photographers of Canada is also a professional association with a good following which offers benefits such as increased exposure and professional knowledge and experience. Membership benefits include PPOC website listing, photographic arts designations, image competitions, accreditation, and a lot more. There are additional benefits that photographers enjoy, including preferred rates and generous discounts as well as access to regional conferences, trade shows, workshops, local seminars, webinars, and a lot more. As a member, you will also gain access to a wealth of information, including monthly e-newsletters, magazines, PPOC blog posts, and more. When it comes to preferred rates and discounts, members benefit from preferred vendor rates on debit and credit cards, car rental discounts, discounts on group health and dental plans as well as discounts on educational events and royalty free music. The best part is that members are offered the chance to increase their status and engage in networking to establish solid business contacts. Photographers of different genres are welcome to join.

Soccer Photography Tips

Taking soccer pictures can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are not a professional photographer. The good news is that there some easy tips that will help you take some great pictures of your favorite team. You can search for soccer games on Canadian TV here.

How to Take Striking Pictures

If you have a digital camera, then you will enjoy sharp images by just adjusting the camera to a high shutter speed. You may want to go long to take better quality pictures. The longer lens you have, the better in terms of quality. You will even enjoy higher quality if you use an extender. If you opt for longer glass, this will help you to capture soccer games on bigger fields. Then you may want to choose bigger lens for your camera simply because action is dynamic and changes quickly and a lot across the field. One option is to use two extenders for better flexibility and depth. Shooting JPGS is also a good idea to capture hundreds of images over a short period. There are other advantages of JPGS over RAW, one being that the buffer fills up slowly because the images are smaller. You will use less space on your memory card. It makes sense to use a tripod, especially if you want to stay focused on what is going on on the field. You may want to use a tripod instead of heavy lens which is quite tiring if you are taking pictures the whole time. There are other things you can do to take great pictures, depending on your camera. But even if you don’t have a professional camera, there are a few tips to follow. To begin with, it pays to learn more about the venue and location and think of key angles and positions to take pictures. You may want to bring your camera with you and take some photos before the actual game. Before the game starts, it is a good idea to make a group shot of the couch and team. Position is very important when the game starts. If you happen to sit behind the goal, you are very likely to make great pictures all along. Look through the viewfinder to capture the moment, especially when a player comes your way. You may want to use different options such as the AI Servo AF mode as well as lenses with wide apertures.

More Tips for High Quality Pictures

If the game is played at night, this is a great chance to take wide-angle photos. Make sure you take a lot of photos if the game is played in thick fog or rain. This way you have better chances of shooting more pictures of good quality. And of course, soccer is a game of action and passion and it always pays to take a lot of pictures to be on the safe side. This way you will never miss the moment. And if you bring a friend with you and take pictures together, you have even better chances of capturing the moment. And then, you will also have some free time to actually enjoy the game while your friend is taking photos. Soccer photography is also about fun, so you want to have fun, quality time while taking photos of your favorite team or your national team playing at a championship. And don’t forget to take pictures of key figures such as the coach and the referee! And be careful with ISO speed unless you want to achieve dramatic effects!